Mukund Puranik

Mukund Puranik

Pallavi is very clever with very sharp memory & clear in concepts, vision of anything that she undertakes. She is very professional while dealing with any client and her every work is in the interest of client’s good but within the precribed procedure as well as legal frame work. She has great stamina of work and all her assignments are up to date and within time frame. She explains well in advance to all the clients various aspects of work and repurrcussions. She never takes the undue advantage of client if the client is stuck up with wrong doing as well as every client whether rich or poor have been given equal preferrence by her a very rare quality. Since she has worked in various financial fields she has abondon knowledge of many fields. She is a single point contact for many of new projects, financial deals etc. A rare quality very few may be aware that she is very innovative & out of box in thinking and this has helped many clients to great advantage who were otherwise stuck up with hurdles of various procedures. Last but not least she is always ground to earth with no ego and ensures that client’s assignment is successfully completed in time. She is very forthright in her opinion backed with strong justification for every action required in the project. Her fee is always reasonable even to small proprietors. I feel lucky to be in contact with her and I wish her all the bests.

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