Sanitary Napkins Disposer Machine

“Healthy Woman , Healthy Family”

With a view to contribute to the Women Health, our Company has taken initiative to market Sanitary Napkins Automatic Disposer Machine. It’s a need of the Time to Educate the Hygiene factors to the Women and to the Society especially the hygiene which has to be maintained during Menstrual Cycle ( Monthly Periods )
As per the reported women population in the age group 15 to 49 in the year 2011 is 312 M
If we assume 50% of Women are using Sanitary Napkins daily 4 for 4 days then the usage of Sanitary Napkins is approx. 29930M in Numbers for the entire year . Now with this huge number of use of Sanitary Napkins and Its Disposal Burden on Government we can just think of the effect we are causing to the Society . A small step we have taken to market the Sanitary Napkins Disposer Machine for Women Health and Hygiene .


Product Key Features

  • Women Health &Hygine
  • Shock Proof Technology
  • Technically Sound Product
  • Insulated With Insulation Sheet
  • Easy to Install
  • Attractive Model
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Portable in Size and Shape
  • User Guide available

    Product Description:


    Sheet metal cabinet epoxy coating for superior finish


    Mounting Wall



    No. of Selection



    Any denomination of the coin/s can be dropped for the product value set

    Coin mechanism

    Electronic coin validator which will accept designated coins only

    Total Capacity

    50-70 napkins (depending on the thickness of napkins).

    Digital Display

    For accounting (Stock, Price value).

    Coin return system

    Automatic coin return when there is no stock

    Price Programming

    Built in price programming software to change the price

    View panel



    Sheet metal cabinet epoxy coating for superior finish


    25 kg


    Height – 700mm, Width -360 mm and Depth – 135 mm

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